Yerbeteria: Herbs and Flower for the Soul, Body and Spirit


Image of Yerbeteria: Herbs and Flower for the Soul, Body and Spirit

This share was recorded in Denver, CO 09/26/2016. The share ended up taking a different focus, it turned out to be more hands-on than anticipated. Therefore, I am including the recording of the share and also four short videos to guide you through the share and also add some extra information.

We gather to talk and share about the magical powers of herbs and plants. How can we work with herbs and plants to support our souls, bodies and spirits through the work that we do? How do we work with plants and flowers towards community liberation? Earthlings have been working with plants to support their bodies and souls for a very long time. It is time to start (re)claiming and (re)membeing herbal medicine and practices. The framework of this knowledge share is community care, yerbeteria is all about giving people the tools and knowledge so they can take better care of themselves and their community. We highly encourage people to come ready to share from their own experience and knowledge. Some of the topics we will be covering are:

– Introduction to yerbeteria, or Latin American folk herbalism

– Connecting and learning from plants: plantitas as our teachers

– Magical and energetic uses of plants and flowers

-Flower essences

– Flowers and herbs that help with anxiety, boundaries and nourishment

– Plants, seeds and flower as revolutionary warriors

Note on quality of video: this video was taken using a MAC book pro, this is not a high definition video. The video was taken during a live share so expect awkward silences and moments in which participants are doing hands on work. I have added 4 extra videos on top of the recording to offer clarification and bonus information.
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