Sprouting Gardeners: DIY plant & garden tending for the apocalypse E-CLASS


This knowledge share is a 2.5hrs pre-recorded zoom class and it is intended for those people interested on learning about starting a garden and keeping a garden using simple and accessible tools.

You will have access to this class for 3 months. I will email you the link to this e-class so please give me a couple of days to get to it!

I am going to share with you how I started gardening and how I have turned super sad LA city soil into a vibrant community of plants and microorganisms. I call my garden a "chacra", that is how we call the spaces we cultivate and love on back home in Arequipa. I come from a long line of soil workers, Abuelita seed savers and tias that love on their gardens like each plant was their wawita/baby. I have fallen in love with plants and gardens and I want to share that with you!

In this knowledge share we will be focusing on:

-the garden as a physical and spiritual space... also as a political space!

-basic soil and plant science and considerations for growing

-building soil and ways to do simple composting and repurposing food and waste to feed soil

-how to grow directly in soil (even if it is a small space)

-how to grow in containers

-focusing on fast growing plants and strategies to grow medicine and food during a pinchi pandemic that feels like the end of the world as we know it but also finding hope in the plants thriving around us!

This knowledge share is for sprouting garden babes looking to start their huertas/chacras/gardens.

ACCESIBILITY: not caption not ASL interpreted.