Politicizing and decentering the cisheteropatriarchy in womb health

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This is a 45 minute video in english and currently with no subtitles filmed January 2018. This video has been cooking in my head for a while after almost a decade of being involved in the Reproductive Justice + doula/birthwork + healing world and being annoyed/overwhelmed with cisheteronormativity present in some spaces- example when people talk about “wombman” and not caring or not understanding about how transphobic this term is! This is a first video, many more to come. In this video we will be looking at how reclaiming our health is a political practice, thus decentering cisheteropatriarchy is necessary. This video is geared towards cisheterosexual people and all other that are interested on learning how to decenter the cisheterpatriarchy in womb work. The goal is not to make it more “accessible” or to education yourself about “diversity” to increase your client base, the goal is to understand that the cisheteropatriarchy is a political regime embedded in our work/lives/society and must be decentered and dismantled.