Online Video: Herbs and Charm for the Heart and Love


Image of Online Video: Herbs and Charm for the Heart and Love

This 2 hours and 30 minutes video was recorded at the live share we held in my home 06/25/16. The recording does not have the best audio and quality video since it was recorded using a Mac. In this video I briefly touch on:
-charms, tools and herbs that can support us through finding and recognizing radical self-love and love in every day life
-energetically and physically protecting our heart
-learning and tasting different herbs for physical and emotional heart health
-yerbeteria and connection to plant and flowers
-home-made technologies for chest support and health ( chest steams!)
-making love charms using stems, herbs and seeds

Note on quality of video: this video was taken using a MAC book pro, this is not a high definition video. The video was taken during a live share so expect awkward silences and moments in which participants are doing hands on work.

This video has not been captioned yet, I am planning to! When you purchase this video you will receive a link that will allow you to watch it for 3 months. I will be sending you the code from my email, it might take me a couple of hours or a couple of days to get you the link. You will need internet to watch it, the platform I am using is Vimeo.

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