Online Video: Down There Steaming


This share was recorded in Los Angeles, CA 07/08/2017.

This is an introductory share on down there steam baths. Bajos, or steam baths, have been used in different cultures to support the body and spirit. The information that I share in this knowledge share focuses on herbs and traditions from the Abya Yala region (Latin America). We will be touching on:

– Radical uterine anatomy and non-western anatomy

-the basics on down there steaming

-plants that we can work for down there steams

-how to set up your home down there steaming station

The online share includes:
-1 hour edited version of the recording, please know that the recording was taken with a MAC so the video and audio are not high quality
-written material to fill in the information that might have been lost in translation
-a copy of the mini zine on Down There Steaming that I wrote and drew
-a copy of an anatomical model drawn by me

Note on quality of video: this video was taken using a MAC book pro, this is not a high definition video. The video was taken during a live share so expect awkward silences and moments in which participants are doing hands on work.

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