Online v-blog: Andean Intergalactic Feminist Medicine


I was called back home October 2016- January 2017 to care for my abuelita. This project/v-blog was created to sustain my trip to care for my abuelita. ANDEAN INTERGALACTIC FEMINIST MEDICINE is pretty much a video-blog and written-blog where I documented some medicinal Andean herbs, Andean foods and practices from a re-cabrona Queer Brown Feminist perspective.

This online video blog contains:

-Four 10-15 minute videos on Andean plant medicine
-Four 10-15 minute videos on Andean cooking and food medicine
-a couple of extra videos here and there possibly on: feminismos, ramblings on Andean medicine, some quechuañol words, some recipes for delicious foods that include Andean staples.
-the online platform is structured as any other word press bog and was written in a period of 4 weeks

Why Andean? Because I will be in Andean region. I will be reporting from Arequipa, Lima and Iquique, Chile.

Why intergalactic? Because as a migrant person disconnected and connected to home, I feel in between worlds and galaxies sometimes. Home feels galaxies away at times but also only 12 hours on plane.

Why Feminist Medicine? Because medicine making and documenting is a political act of reclaiming knowledge that has been thought as 'wive's tales' or simple 'brujerias'. To me the documentation and reclamation process is a political act and my focus is uplifting an centering knowledge carried and created by womxn, femme and glittery folk.

***you will have access to this platform for about 6 months, folx that jumped in over a year ago can request access for $20, email me though***