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MIni Zine Pack!


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All zines can be purchased individually in the online store. This pack has 5 zines that have been written and illustrated by me. They are all mini-one-page zines, all of them are 3.75 inches*2.50 inches. Some have been designed to accompany other La Loba Loca products in this online store.

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This zines lists some of the most used plant actions, provides a short description for each herbal action and a plant example

This zine originally acompanies the yarrow flower essence sold in this store. It talks about yarrow's medicinal and spiritual properties as well as how to work with yarrow flower essence.

This zine originally comes with the herbal down there steam bath and it was made with fountain pen and original drawings. This is a one-page zine touches on radical anatomy for internal genitalia (for lack of better word) and how to do a down there steaming.

This zine originally accompanies the moonpads sold in this store. It details moonpad care, talks about important tips to keep in mind to talk about moonstration outside of the heterocistem and a quick herbal recipe for herbal tea.

*The Short Shorts Biker
The idea of the zine came up when I could not bring myself to get on my bike and leave home. I have never owned a car and have moved using public transportation and bike all my life. I was having tons of anxiety before leaving home, getting all these thoughts of getting hit by a careless driver or/and maybe getting sexually harassed for wearing little clothing. The poem/chant/prayer came up. I never really got on my bike and left, but the little chant stayed and later became a mini zine dedicated to all bikers ad public transportation users that have to deal with bullshit, may we all build a new reality!

*If you want to BULK ORDER, please email*