HERBS FOR THE NERVOUS SYSTEM: the apocalypse series


This knowledge share is about 1.5hrs pre-recorded zoom class and it is intended for those people interested on learning about herbs for the nervous system. You will have access to this class for 3 months. I will email you the link to this e-class so please give me a couple of days to get to it!

This knowledge share is for sprouting herbalists and it does have a heavy focus/background on community herbalism.

This online knowledge share builds off the other two previous classes (Herbalism for the Apocalypse + Gardens for the Apocalypse) that can also be purchased in this online store.

Topics covered in this e-class:

-intro to community and resistance centered healing and herbalism
-reframing and decolonizing the nervous system
-intro to different herbal preparations
-key herbal actions
-key herbal allies and how to work with them