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This is a 2oz home distilled preparation made with home grown elder flower, yarrow and lavender. Hydrosols are also known as "herbal waters" or "spirit waters", these ones are made in my kitchen in a copper distill. It's a process that takes hours and produces waters that are the result of the the distillation process. These waters contain the essential oils of the plants but the aromatic are less concentrated. This is NOT water + a couple of drops of essential oil. It is a long process of distilling them and allowing for the plant to release aromatics and also its energetics.

This specific mix I have used to cleanse wounds, spray on irritated skin, sun burn, itching skin and also as a toner after cleansing or scrubbing my face. It is a first aid hydrosol because the plants it contains are known anti bacterial and soothing herbs.

Spray deliberately and refrigerate for a cooler mist and to prolong shelf life. If you plant to use this one on your face and you have irritable skin, always try the back of your palm first!

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