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The comadre time, formally known as 'consultations', are sliding-scale online or in-person sessions depending on where you are located. There is not need to pay to $0.01 fee shown in the listing. Go ahead and email me to contact@lalobaloca answering the following questions:

-Tell me a little bit about yourself, your collective, organization or school
-Tell me about what you are interested on discussing, consulting and talking about
-Tell me about the length of the consultation you are interested about

You can learn more about my work as an educator, sex educator, knowledge share facilitator, and more int he following link:
*official site:
*FB page:

Some of the topics that we can touch on are:

-healthy and decolonial food
-radical moon/mxnstrual health
-reproductive justice (besides community organizing work, I have a degree and Senior Thesis on RJ and forced Sterilization of Quechua people through UC Berkeley)
-how to start a small business project
-spanish lessons (this also includes radical anatomy, reproductive justive, abortion access & activism and more)
-herbs as companions and support
-sustainable living & planning (I have a certificate through UCLA on Global Sustainability)
-and more!