Protect Yr Magic Kit (only 7 available)

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Corachonchito! This Protect Yr Magic Kit has been conjurado after understanding that in times like this is really hard to believe in our magic and power. This kit focuses on the heart as the center in which all revolutions and evolutions are created. This kit includes the last bottles of rose elixir made with medicine from my Grandma and Tia's garden. In this kit you will find:

-A small/medium sized rose quartz pendent. Rose quartz one of my favorite stones! Such a great one for calming the heart and centering the energy in this heart-machine that keeps up going and moving through all the dystopian societal non sense.
-A pair of miniature knives earrings. Only knives left at this point.
-1 2*2 inches BRUJAS FEMINISTAS stickers
-0.5 Rosas de la Abuela Flower Essence made with roses and thorns form my grandmother's garden. Rose flower essence is a great one to center our power and love back into our heart center
-0.5oz Misky Abuela Rose Elixir made with my Abue and Tia's roses in Arequipa, Peru. This elixir lifts our spirits, aid nervous system, support the heart and invite us to center our magic/love. Limited edition.

For questions about this kit and outside of the US shipping Stay tune to IG: @lalobalocashares for more kits coming this month!


Image of Protect Yr Magic Kit (only 7 available) Image of Protect Yr Magic Kit (only 7 available)