Moon Cup + Moon Pads Kit

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This kit is made up of 1 Moon Cup and 3 bamboo moon pads made with waterproof back fabric.

There are 2 sizes for the moon cup that you will get to select when you check out. The Moon Cup is a menstrual cup made in the USA and made with medical-grade silicone. Menstrual cups are economical, earth-friendly and body friendly menstrual product. The menstrual cup comes with instructions and a fabric bag. The cup comes in two sizes, one slightly bigger than the other one. The Moon Cup Size A is designed for people that have given birth vaginally or are over 35 years of age, while the Moon Cup Size B is meant for people who have NOT given birth vaginally. The only difference between this two sizes is that size A is slightly bigger than size B and the rim a bit thicker.

The kit comes with 3 moon pads. While they are not hand-made they are still great! They are lined with bamboo and waterproof back fabric. These pads are perfect for medium-heavy days. The impermeable fabric in the back holds fluids and avoid leaking. The length of the pad is 10in is and width is 7in (from one tip of pad wing to the other).

Info on moon pad care and washing:
-you can choose to hand wash the pad, just make sure you do not let the pad soaking for more than a couple of hours to avoid odors
-you can throw the pad in the washer
-you can sun dry pad or you can put it un the dryer but make sure it is unsnapped and in low heat

For questions, international shipping and more email Stay tune to IG: @lalobalocashares for more kits coming this month!


Image of Moon Cup + Moon Pads Kit