Moon Blood Magic Kit (6 available)

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This kit was conceived while laying in bed with some cramps creeping in after a whole month that seemed to be a tragic comedy show and a bad nightmare. Moon Blood Magic, that potential to destroy/create and such an important reminder of our resilience and power. There are only 6 kits available so get yours before they are gone! This kit is filled with magic and special items that are not available by themselves. You will be getting several items ranging from a mooncup to seeds! Check out the descriptions below and get yours while there are available.

**next kit is not menstruation centered for those that don't bleed!**

In this kit you will find:

-detailed letter description about how to work with the items in the kit
-2 2*2 inches BRUJAS FEMINISTAS stickers
-lima bean seeds from my garden, super easy to grow and abundant!
-a vile pendant filled with yarrow leaves powered grown and harvested by me. You can wear this as a pendant for protection and boundaries. Yarrow has a great affinity with blood, some of us take yarrow to allow for blood release. Yarrow leaves can also be used to apply on cuts to stop bleeding!
-0.5 Yarrow Flower Essence for protection and boundaries
-a mini zine written and drawn by me on Yarrow Flower Essence
-0.5 oz TUMMY RUB massage oil made with infused grapeseed oil with homegrown calendula and lavender essential oil
-Organic Moon Time Tea, instructions on how to make an infusion will come in the kit. There will be enough tea for around 15 cups
-2 packets for DOWNT THERE STEAM BATHS (aka vaginal steam baths), this is a great abuelita method to aid with painful cramps and bring warmth and awareness into the core/center/womb area
-a mini zine written and drawn by me on down there steaming
-a menstrual cup (MOON CUP) that will last you for years and years to come! There are 2 sizes, one for pre vaginal birth (slightly smaller and slightly softer) and another one for post vaginal birth (slightly bigger and slightly harder). Those are the two sizes that are available, I do not necessarily believe that post vaginal delivery vaginas are 'wider' but that is how the company refers to their sizes. Make sure to email me after purchasing kit to let me know which size you want. If I do not hear from you I will email you. The baggie design for the bag will be random.

For questions Stay tune to IG: @lalobalocashares for more kits coming this month!


Image of Moon Blood Magic Kit (6 available) Image of Moon Blood Magic Kit (6 available) Image of Moon Blood Magic Kit (6 available) Image of Moon Blood Magic Kit (6 available)