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The Moon Cup is a menstrual cup made in the USA and made with medical-grade silicone. Menstrual cups are economical, earth-friendly and body friendly menstrual product. The menstrual cup comes with instructions and a fabric bag.

The cup comes in two sizes, one slightly bigger than the other one. The Moon Cup Size A is designed for people that have given birth vaginally or are over 35 years of age, while the Moon Cup Size B is meant for people who have NOT given birth vaginally. The only difference between this two sizes is that size A is slightly bigger than size B and the rim a bit thicker.

(Personally, I do not think that vaginal size changes for all people that are 35-and-older, nor do I think that all people that have given birth end up with an enlarged vagina. I am 25 and I have used the size A since it was the only available to me and it is not that much different from size B.)

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Image of Menstrual Cups! The Moon Cup Image of Menstrual Cups! The Moon Cup