Herbal Potions!


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The following herbal listing will be updated regularly. I make small batches of medicine and listing changes as my garden and herbs available change. Some of the herbs i use are from my garden, from friends' gardens, wildcrafted and some of them are purchased through larger organic herb distributors. I offer some alcohol free extracts and flower essences, I use organic apple cider as a base. Sometimes I add organic honey to my elixirs and flower essences. For any questions, food allergies or to order 2 or more products contact me contact@lalobaloca.com

All the flower essences are from my garden. I use vodka for base and organic apple cider vinegar for non-alcoholic flower essences. I can also add some organic honey if you want. Please know that apple cider vinegar potions tend to last up to 6 months if kept in a cool and dark place. Alcohol base potions last for years!

*Borage Flower Essence (0.5oz & 1oz) Borage is a plant that aids us to lighten our heart and feel the courage that we need to make better choices for ourselves.
*Yarrow Flower Essence (0.5oz & 1oz) Yarrow for protection and healthy boundaries,
*Tobacco Mapacho Flower Essence (0.5oz & 1oz) For connection to our root, heart and purpose. It supports those moving from addiction and centers us to communicate and relate to each other with respect.

Herbal smoke blends are a great alternative for people trying to stop smoking conventional tobacco, people looking for calming smoking alternatives and people that want to season their tobacco and tress with herbal magic! I am currently selling a couple of smoke blends that have a pinch of Mapacho Tobacco grown and harvested by me

*Sacred Smoke (4ounces) Lavender, White Sage, Red Raspberry Leave, and pinch of Mapacho Tobacco (Nicotina rustica)
*Open Heart Open Chest (4ounces) Damiana, Red Raspberry Leave, Rose, Oregano, Rosemary, Lavender

Email me to contact@lalobaloca.com if you would like for me to create a personalized herbal mix, smoke mix, or down there bath

CHECK REGULARLY! I will be pressing and making more medicine in the next weeks!


Image of Herbal Potions! Image of Herbal Potions! Image of Herbal Potions! Image of Herbal Potions!