Femme Rage Kit (Only 3 available)

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Image of Femme Rage Kit (Only 3 available)

There are only 3 FEMME RAGE KIT care packages available. This kit is inspired on the ferociousness and power centered in femmness. You will get some natural organic shimmer to color your day, some palo santo from Peru to cleanse your space, some clary sage and peppermint hydrosol to bring clarity and calmness in confusing times, a MACHISMO MATA sticker to hex it, a crisocola stone from Peru to welcome femme intuition, 0.5oz of HEART AND LOVE POTION (cane alcohol) limited edition for all matter of the heart and 0.5oz MISKY ABUELA ROSA ELIXIR (cane alcohol)) limited edition to help us find the sweetness and passion in this heteropatriarchal system.

This kit includes:

-Machismo Mata sticker from Chile
-Small bundle of palo santo from Peru
-A long crisocola necklace, this stone is said to support femme intuition, ease inflammation in uterine/pelvic area and help with people that do house work. THE SHAPE OF THE CRYSTAL PIECE WILL BE DIFFERENT THAN SHOWN IN PHOTO, EITHER CIRCULAR OR OVAL SHAPED.
-All natural sunshine shimmer made by me. You can learn more about it and see how it looks on real lips here: https://goo.gl/GpBx84
-Clary Sage + Spearmint Hydrosol made by me working with plants from my garden. IT MIGHT BE CLARY SAGE HYDROSOL (NOT MIXED WITH SPEARMINT), IT HAS THE SAME PROPERTIES.
-Misky Abuela Rose Elixir made with my Abue and Tia's roses in Arequipa, Peru. This elixir lifts our spirits, aid nervous system, support the heart and invite us to center our magic/love. Limited edition.
-Heart and Love Potion for all matter of the heart, provide a big apapacho to our corazones and help us find unconditional self-love.

For questions contact@lalobaloca.com Stay tune to IG: @lalobalocashares for more kits coming this month!


Image of Femme Rage Kit (Only 3 available) Image of Femme Rage Kit (Only 3 available) Image of Femme Rage Kit (Only 3 available)