Femme Bruja Kit (only 8 available)


Image of Femme Bruja Kit (only 8 available)

There are only 8 FEMME BRUJA KITS care packages available. This kit is inspired on the ferociousness and power centered in femmness. Brujas was the name spanish conquerors/settles gave to the womxn that practices their religion and did not conformed to the religion imposed by colonizers. During the inquisition in the Andean region, and i speculate that also is the case for the entire continent + Caribe, the womxn that were burned and tortured were African, Indigenous and Afroindigenous. Brujeria became a way to fight back the violent spread of the religion brought by settlers. Now days, people call brujas those womxn and femmes that resist the status quo- from knowing how to work with herbs to those that call out abusers/rapists. This kit is for all those femme brujas that find the power that our legacy holds.

This kit includes:

-3 2*2 inches BRUJAS FEMINISTAS stickers
-PLANT ACTION mini zines that was illustrated and written by me. This zine provides a list of different plant actions. It is intended to be a pocket guide as people start studying and delving into plant learning.
-1oz MUGWORT FLOWER ESSENCE. This flower essence is a very powerful guide to see what is hidden in darkness. Mugwort is a protective but also strong plant. She is often used for lucid dreaming. I have added this flower essence to the kit because whenever I have done mugwort flower essence plant meditations she takes people to the dark corners that we all must deal with. This flower essence contains ALCOHOL and does not have a specific taste. Flower essences are vibrational medicine, you are not taking in any plant material, only its vibration.
-1 bath/foot soak/steam mix with native CA plants from my garden. This mix is a cleansing and protective mix prepared to clean off from the haters.
-0.25oz SUMMER SHIMMER to moisturize and give a little shimmer to the lips and call in all the glittery goodness around us. This shimmer is all natural and made with: beeswax, coconut oil, shea butter and iron oxides for coloring.
-KNIFE + PENTAGRAM mismatch earring pair, the length of each piece is 4.5 inches
-Holy Basil seeds! This is a very easy plant to grow during the summer. This plant helps us strengthen our immune system as well as support our nervous system.
-An email with more details on how to work with each item!

For questions, international shipping and more email contact@lalobaloca.com Stay tune to IG: @lalobalocashares for more kits coming this month!


Image of Femme Bruja Kit (only 8 available) Image of Femme Bruja Kit (only 8 available) Image of Femme Bruja Kit (only 8 available) Image of Femme Bruja Kit (only 8 available)