Faja/Chumpi #4


Image of Faja/Chumpi #4

**BEFORE PURCHASING: your order will be shipped the last week of JANUARY 2018**

The first photo that pops up in the photo section is the faja/chumpi you will be purchasing. I have added extra photos for reference so that you can see how thick they are and how they wrap around. This faja/chumpi is thick + long and perfect for those that do walthaskas/post partum ceremonies, cerradas or danzantes or wear fajas regularly. This chumpi/faja is from Peru.

Below are the dimensions, please know that they are close approximate measurements:

length: 73 inches
width: 6 inches
length of chord on each end: 18 inches

*If you want to purchase more than 3 items from the store, contact me to contact@lalobaloca.com to save up on shipping. Bigcartel calculates shipping weird*


Image of Faja/Chumpi #4 Image of Faja/Chumpi #4 Image of Faja/Chumpi #4